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Darlene SimonsDarlene Simons
(MN Trowbridge)
Licensed 1979

Property Management
* Accounting
* Computer Data Management

    Entering the Real Estate Business in 1979, I began my career in property management. My past bookkeeping, accounting education and experience in managing our own rental properties has enabled me to relate to managing other people's investment properties very well. Property management requires sharp accounting and precise decision making. Maintaining properties and governing tenants are not the only qualifications necessary for property managers. Other qualities are marketing, personal relations, negotiating, knowing legal processes and being conservative with other people's money.

    I like to promise my clients that I will manage their property like it's my own. Home Hunters, Inc.'s entire rental department does the same. It's directed by me!

    Home Hunters USA, Inc. Rental Listings can be searched through or contact our rental division and speak with one of our three full-time rental specialists.

Professionally Yours,

Darlene D. Simons
Property Manager

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